Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey everyone! I know it's been a really long time since I last posted, and I finally have some time (and a working internet connection) to catch up on the blog. I figured at this point, it would be too difficult to separate out the blog entries into individual events that took place in the last 2 months, so I have just decided to post the pictures from everything together. They might be out of cronological order, but you get the idea. These past weeks at Coldfoot have been absolutely amazing, I have been having such a great time. I have been to Deadhorse, at the top of the world, and dipped my feet into the arctic ocean. While I was there I was able to go on a tour that took us into the oil fields and I got to see where the pipeline begins. Since my last entry I have also been to the Yukon River Camp, located right on the edge of the Yukon river. Lindsey and I were able to meet and hang out with the employees who work there, and we also got to walk across the Yukon River bridge to get a good view of the beautiful fall colors by the river. Lindsey and I climbed to the top of Shockpoint Mountain the weekend after we got back. It was even harder than the first time I climbed it, mainly because we took a different (more difficult) route to the summit, but it was well worth it once we got to the top. The most amazing thing I have done in the past few weeks is climb Sukukpak Mountain. I never thought I would be able to climb it, but a few weeks ago a group of us decided to go together and give it a try. It was extremely difficult; it took us all day, and was freezing cold as we got near the top. As hard as it was, I think the pictures show just how awesome the views were, and how it was definitely worth the effort to get to the top. Coldfoot has been such a great experience!!!! I will try to continue posting the pics from Coldfoot as well as new pics as I leave Fairbanks and start making my way south! Until then, let the road trip to Seattle begin!

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