Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarah, Lindsey and I making a stop at Finger Mountain

Lindsey and I taking a dip in the Yukon River

Me, Lindsey, and Sarah in the van road tripping to Fairbanks

Looking out at the Chena River in Fairbanks

Lindsey and I enjoying a drink on our last day in Fairbanks

Amazing week at Coldfoot and in Fairbanks!

Hey everyone, I figured I was overdue for a blog entry. Last week was great. It started out a little gloomy when it rained for 4 days straight, but we all found ways to entertain ourselves. Lindsey and I took advantage of one of the rainy days and went on an amazing run on the Chandalar trail. We ended up pretty muddy, but it was well worth it. The next day, we decided to have a movie night in the co-worker lounge. What started out as a movie night quickly turned into a jam session featuring Marshall, Brian, and Andy on guitar with the vocal stylings of Lindsey. It made the night even better. This past weekend Lindsey and I went into Fairbanks. We got a ride down in one of the tour vans with Sarah, who comes up to Coldfoot every once in a while to give tours. The drive down was awesome. We stopped at finger mountain and walked around for a while. Then we stopped at Yukon River camp for a bite to eat. We ended up walking out to the Yukon River and getting in for a while. The sunset on the drive down was beautiful; we haven't seen a real sunset in Coldfoot for almost 2 months now. In Fairbanks, we got an actual hotel room (instead of staying at the hostel), which was wonderful for getting some sleep in a dark room for once! Our hotel room had a kitchen, so we stocked up on some groceries for the weekend. We bought bikes while we were there, which is really exciting because now we will be able to explore a little more around Coldfoot by bike. Of course we went to see a movie, went out to eat, did the usual stuff that we can't do up here in Coldfoot. We ended the weekend with some pedicures just before flying back up...the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A good night for a swim in the Koyukuk

Bluegrass band playing in Wiseman

The little puppy in Wiseman! So cute!!!

Horses roaming around beneath a rainbow in the sky at the Wiseman party
Hanging out by the fire in Wiseman

Lindsey and I enjoying ourselves in Wiseman

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Weekend in Wiseman: Night #1

This past week work has been kind of crazy, but it was filled with lots of walks down to the river and hanging out with other co-workers after work. It was so warm outside on Friday that Lindsey and I went down to the river to swim. We laid out for a while, and then Rey came and floated in the river with us. We just let the current take us down to the other side of the beach. It was one of the most fun things I've done since I've been here. Last night a bunch of us went to Wiseman for their 4th of July celebration. There were some people there playing some bluegrass-style music and everyone was singing along. I even got to be part of the "percussion" section for a few songs, using the shaker. A bunch of us played a game of volleyball, and then hung out by the fire. We met some people who were either living in Wiseman or just visiting for the weekend. It has been a really great weekend, and it's not over yet!